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  • Our Office is open from 9am to 5pm, Mon to Fri. Please ensure you follow Alert Level 2 Guidelines when visiting our Office..

Our Office is open from 9am to 5pm, Mon to Fri. Please ensure you follow Alert Level 2 Guidelines when visiting our Office.  

Board of Trustees

Trustee Notification

Congratulations to Rachael Hate and Venessa Ede who were elected, at the December 2020 Trustee Board Hui as

  • Chairperson - Rachael Hate
  • Vice Chair - Vennessa Ede


We would  like to welcome on board our  new Trustees:

  • Rita Powick


 Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou, ka ora ai te iwi

Vennessa Turama Ede - Vice Chair

Vennessa Turama Ede - Vice Chair

Education: Graduate Diploma in Business (Grad Dip Bus) – Massey University; Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (BCA) – Victoria University 

Interests: Family, Iwi, Friends, Rugby, Horses, Home, Waikawa Bay, Māori Economic Development

Ko Piripiri te maunga, Ko Waitohi te awa, Ko Waikawa te marae, Ko Ngāti Te Whiti tōku hapū, Ko Tokomaru te waka, Ko Te Ātiawa tōku iwi, Ko Island Moutere Love me ko Patricia Huriata Love ōku maatua, Ko au te mokopuna tuatahi o Moutere raua ko Patricia Love. Heoi ano he tamaiti whāngai au o raua. Ko Marlene Turama Love tōku Whaea whanau. Ko Vennessa Turama Ede taku ingoa.

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Ron Riwaka

Ron Riwaka

Ko Piripiri te maunga
Ko Waitohi te awa
Ko Tokomaru te waka
Ko Waikawa te marae
Ko Puketapu te hapu
Ko Te Ati Awa te iwi
Ko Ron Riwaka toku ingoa.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi Engari, he toa takitini 
Success is not the work of one, but the work of many

My parents, Taare and Huriana Riwaka, lived in Waikawa. I grew up at Waikawa Pa with my siblings and many cousins.

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Archdeacon Harvey Ruru

Archdeacon Harvey Ruru

Te Ātiawa Manawhenua Ki Te Tau Ihu Trust Foundation Trustee since 1993. Former Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Co Director on Tainui Taranaki ki Te Tonga Ltd to progress our Waitangi Tribunal Claims Settlement alongside Ngāti Tama, Ngāti Rārua, Ngāti Koata and Wai 56 (Wakatu Inc). Submitted personally 3 Waitangi Tribunal Claims for Te Ātiawa hearing and one Hough whānau claim yet to be heard as part of the Waikanae Waitangi Tribunal Claims.

I continue to enjoy all the challenges which many changes have presented over the years. Te Ātiawa presently has huge tasks ahead to ensure the future of our mokopuna is sustained. Many wonderful and beautiful people have been and continue to be on this journey to secure the best for our mokopuna and Te Ātiawa nui tonu.

Cindy Batt

Cindy Batt

Occupation : Kaiako (Te Ataarangi), Educator (Nelson Provincial Museum), Information Management Librarian (Nelson City Council).    

Over the years I have been involved in several youth and community development programmes and view these programmes as an investment for all Māori. More recently I have been involved in educating the wider community in all aspects of ‘Te Ao Māori’.

I believe I offer a fresh perspective and skills base to aid the direction of Iwi and descendants into the future.

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Billy Reeves

Billy Reeves

Occupation : Carpenter.    

Interests : Diving, Te Reo Māori, Golf, Waikawa Marae, Diving for local hui & tangihanga.  

I was born and have lived most of my life here in Waikawa.  My parents are Bill and Lily Reeves. I am married to Dawn McLaren and have three sons and four mokopuna.  I am a qualified carpenter and in the past have run my own business quite successfully.

In the past four years I have been studying Te Reo Māori with the aim of speaking on Waikawa Marae and representing our Marae at hui.  I am now in a place in my life where I feel I can contribute to my Iwi. I have a passion for all ‘things’ Māori, and have a desire for my Iwi to succeed at all levels.

Rita Powick

Rita Powick

Ko Arapaoa te moutere tapu

Ko Piripiri te mounga

Ko Te Weranga o Waitohi te awa

Ko Tokomaru te waka

Ko Te Ātiawa te iwi

Ko Puketapu, Ngāti Komako, Ngāti Rāhiri

rātou ko Ngāti Te Whiti ngā hapū

Ko Waikawa te marae

Tihei Mauri Ora!


E ngā uri whakaheke o Te Ātiawa o Te Waka a Māui, e aku iti, e aku rahi, nei rā te mihi.

I descend from Rihari Tahuaroa/Roka Pawau, Hokipera Pehimana/Tamati Whanganui, Mere Ruru Te Hikanui/Te Pukahu, Eruiti Te Manukapanganui/Aramainana and Rangi Matangi/Mihirāwhiti Pata.

Raised by my grandparents; Pika (nee Tamati) and James Matangi, and my mum, Rita Matangi; I’m proud to have grown up amongst strong, loving Waikawa Pā whānau. My upbringing shapes my belief in the importance of whānau strength and cultural identity.

My husband Tom and I live in Waitohi/Picton. We have 3 awesome children – our son Rangi & partner Becs in Auckland, our son Brad in Christchurch and our daughter Kiri, son-in law Scott and our 2 treasured mokopuna Te Ahupō and Aramainana in Taranaki.

I’ve worked within, and held governance positions on, national, regional, iwi, marae and Māori driven organisations. My Māori and English medium teaching career helps fire my personal passion for te reo Māori and our indigeneity.

I support greater inclusion of iwi voice in our iwi developments. I encourage sound, forward-thinking initiatives to achieve our aspirations for current and future generations. I relish our increased affirmation of our place and influence on the landscape. I believe in iwi trustees leading by example.

My priorities:

  • Fostering links amongst ourselves as iwi, across Te Ātiawa marae in Te Tauihu, with our Te Ātiawa kin in Wellington/Waikanae/Taranaki – to strengthen whakapapa ties, reo and tikanga practice, history and heritage protection and our Te Ātiawatanga. 
  • Developing initiatives and partnering with others - for improved health, housing, environment, education, training, employment and commercial outcomes that benefit iwi

I am humbly privileged to serve as an iwi trustee.