2021 Education Grant

Te Ātiawa 2021 Education Grant is now open for application by registered members. Please email whakapapa@teatiawatrust.co.nz or telephone 0800 284 292 to apply for an application form or to check your registration status. Closing date for applications is 5.00pm Saturday 31st July 2021.

Iwi Environmental Management Plan


This Iwi Environmental Management Plan is about Te Ātiawa ki Te Tau Ihu.

Te Ātiawa has a relationship with Te Tau Ihu derived from our tūpuna who came to this area in the early 1800s. That relationship confers upon us responsibilities for the well-being of our environment and our people.

The IEMP outlines how Te Ātiawa intends to respond to those responsibilities or challenges presented by the contemporary environment; it will show how, as kaitiaki, Te Ātiawa will engage with our own people and those people and organisations who engage with the resources of our rohe. Te Ātiawa is principally represented at four main marae in Te Tau Ihu. The marae are: Waikawa in Picton; Whakatū in Nelson; Te Āwhina in Motueka and Onetahua in Mohua.