2021 Education Grant

Te Ātiawa 2021 Education Grant is now open for application by registered members. Please email whakapapa@teatiawatrust.co.nz or telephone 0800 284 292 to apply for an application form or to check your registration status. Closing date for applications is 5.00pm Saturday 31st July 2021.

Board of Trustees

Billy Reeves

Billy Reeves

Occupation : Carpenter.    

Interests : Diving, Te Reo Māori, Golf, Waikawa Marae, Diving for local hui & tangihanga.  

I was born and have lived most of my life here in Waikawa.  My parents are Bill and Lily Reeves. I am married to Dawn McLaren and have three sons and four mokopuna.  I am a qualified carpenter and in the past have run my own business quite successfully.

In the past four years I have been studying Te Reo Māori with the aim of speaking on Waikawa Marae and representing our Marae at hui.  I am now in a place in my life where I feel I can contribute to my Iwi. I have a passion for all ‘things’ Māori, and have a desire for my Iwi to succeed at all levels.

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