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Published: 19 July, 2019

2019 MSD-HRC Māori Mental Health Research RFP – Emerging Leader Fellowship

2019 MSD-HRC Māori Mental Health Research RFP – Emerging Leader Fellowship

The Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC) and the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) have established the Māori Mental Health Research Emerging Leader Fellowship to support high-quality research and Māori health research capacity in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The Fellowship is intended to focus on the development of Māori mental health research knowledge, with a specific emphasis on equity and Māori health research processes that supports improving Māori mental health and the social care delivery system.

Through this Request for Proposals (RFP), the HRC and MSD (‘the funding partners’) are seeking to support an outstanding early/mid-career researcher whose proven track record demonstrates that they are an emerging leader in the field of Māori mental health and who propose to conduct research that will address the following two components:

• Evidence of effective early intervention practice, that MSD and/or others in the social sector can implement, to respond to people who develop health conditions or disability while in work, with a goal of preventing a loss of connection to the labour market and to promote overall wellbeing; and
• An implementation framework that MSD and/or others can use to trial and evaluate new approaches that assist people to remain connected to work when managing health conditions or disability.
Funding of up to $300,000 (exclusive of GST) for salary, salary associated costs and research expenses is offered. The duration of the Fellowship is up to two years.

Applications to this RFP will be submitted via a one-stage process. Applicants are firstly required to submit a Registration via HRC Gateway (the HRC’s online application system). Registrations are due by 1pm, Tuesday 23 July 2019. The full application will need to be submitted via HRC Gateway by 1pm, Tuesday 20 August 2019.

Please refer to the RFP for more information. The RFP, application forms and application guidelines are available on HRC Gateway

Contact: Scott Aitken;

Published: 19 July, 2019

Lead Adviser – te reo Māori in our Wellington National office

Te Tāhuhu o Te Mātauranga - About us.

Ko te reo Māori te kākahu o te whakaaro, te huarahi i te ao tūroa.

At the Ministry of Education, our people shape an education system that delivers equitable and excellent outcomes. Our sights are set on ensuring our education system serves every individual child and young person fairly, and creates the best foundation for equal opportunity. Our organisation is full of hugely talented people, from a wide range of backgrounds. They work collaboratively, setting goals and reaching them, to shape a world-leading education system. Our people are broadening their own horizons and, ensuring our education system is equipped to broaden the horizons of our children and young people, thus ensuring the best possible future for New Zealand.


Te Uepū Reo Māori


Ko tōku reo tōku māpihi maurea


E toro atu te ringa ki ngā oro puareare o te waokū o Tane te wānanga, koutou kei ngā pureke mowai o te Arareo Māori, e tā mātou uepū reo Māori. Ki te whai wāhi ai koe ki te reo Māori, ki Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, ki Te Aho Arataki Marau mō te Ako i Te Reo Māori, otirā ki te ao Arareo Māori (ngā wāhi whakaako mā te reo Māori mō te nuinga o te wā) tēnā koa tonoa mai ki ēnei tūranga.


Māori language is the essence of culture and as such is an inherited treasure acknowledged through the Treaty of Waitangi. It is through Māori language that the full range of Māori customs can be expressed, practised, and explained.


The purpose and goal of the Te Reo Māori Group is to ensure that all learners who commit to learning in and of the Māori language have access to quality provision and learning experiences. The group is responsible for setting the strategic direction to ensure the growth of te reo Māori, the Māori medium pathway and those learning the language. It is through this learning journey that Māori language learners can access the Māori world and understand their role in it. The Te Reo Māori Group covers the ages 0-18 pathway for students who have committed to the learning of, or. learning through, te reo Māori and leading on the Te Marautanga o Aotearoa and Te Aho Araki Marau mō te ako i te reo Māori.

Role that we currently have in our group

The Lead Adviser leads the development of substantial and / or. complex initiatives within the curriculum innovation and investment framework to support student achievement for all 0 - 18 year olds learning Te Reo Māori and / or. learning in kura and Māori medium settings. They ensure a deliberate focus on student achievement is maintained by providing thought leadership and guidance about proven high quality curriculum and assessment development processes


About you

We are looking for a wide range of expertise, stand outs in all of these roles will be someone with sharp thought leadership, ability to coach and mentor others, have an eye for detail displayed in great project management and the managing of many complex initiatives concurrently.

If you have good Māori networks, strong ability to grow and maintain positive relationships with te reo Māori organisations, thrive on supporting the whole education system implement initiatives around achievement and leadership, have experience in raising capability of clusters of the workforce - then apply for this role.

Te reo Māori fluency isn't needed for these roles, however will help you to succeed and excel in these roles.


Experience & Ability in:

  • Organising - identifying what matters, anticipating next steps, accurately delivering what was commissioned
  • Using project management methodologies and techniques
  • Working at pace to deliver quality work on time
  • Involving others and seeking advice at the right points
  • ability to understand and apply the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and tangatawhenuatanga.


Are you ready to make a difference?

There is more information in the position description attached, please review and if this opportunity interests you, please apply now using the apply online button. Please advise which role or. roles that interest you.


For further information please contact Karepa Wall at


Applications close Midnight - 31 July 2019.

Published: 18 July, 2019

New Zealand Employment 2019

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Pay pump for new parents




From 1 July 2019, the maximum weekly rate of parental leave payments has increased from $564.38 per week to $585.80 per week before tax. The minimum rate for self-employed persons increases to $177.00 per week, which is equal to 10 hours of adult the minimum wage.

Government-funded paid parental leave is intended to support expectant and new parents during some of the first months of their babies’ lives.

Each year, the parental leave payment is adjusted to reflect the rise in the average wage.

Paid parental leave is currently 22 weeks and will increase to 26 weeks from 1 July 2020.

Amount of parental leave payment

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