Posted on 14 February, 2020

Picton Ferry Terminal

Picton Ferry Terminal


As Port Marlborough and Kiwi Rail have teamed up to modify/build new facilities pertaining to Picton Ferry Terminal for new vessels below is a link  for your perusal and consideration

- create a destination gateway, that locals and visitors are proud of, and enjoy using
- drop off/ pick up
- pedestrian access
- service vehicle access
- visitor parking
- bus/coach access (cruise/
- ability to work with seasonal flux

- create a crafted sequence of landscape spaces
- create a memorable visitor experience
- support the health and well being of Picton in terms of its PEOPLE+PLACE+CULTURE
- acknowledge Te Ātiawa history and context in Waitohi/Picton/Waikawa

- Support and recognize tangata whenua historical and contemporary connections to the site and the broader Picton area where appropriate ;
- Integrate landscape features including cultural references to the historical Waitohi Stream;
- Celebrate Picton’s maritime/port coastal landscape;
- Achieve design consistency and coherence appropriate to the scale of the

Ferry Terminal operations;
- Support activation of the coastal edge and pedestrian access into Picton town centre;
- Support existing ecological systems; and
- Integrate safe, amenity enhanced multi-modal circulation routes.
- Develop the design in line with the sustainability strategies of both Kiwirail ad Port Marlborough New Zealand

For more information on RMA Approvals Key Tasks and Delivery Requirements 

For more detailed information, download the presentation document here » (11MB PDF)


Posted on 29 January, 2020

Kaitiaki Whenua Trainee Ranger

Kaitiaki Whenua Trainee Ranger

Kaitiaki Whenua Trainee Ranger

This is an amazing opportunity to get a Level 4 qualification in conservation with mautauranga Maori overlaid and connections to the rohe iwi and marae – this opportunity is unique and not available anywhere else. If numbers don’t hit 12 the programme will not proceed.


We want people to enrol now to register their interest.


We will connect with people applying to support them to complete the application and/or to navigate to alternative programmes if they subsequently decide Project Moturoa is not for them and they don’t want to proceed.  Applicants will also be provided with support and advice on Student Allowance and/or Loan, course related costs (e.g. personal equipment, etc.) and any other questions they might have.


The age criteria is 18 plus (no upper limit). 


Meanwhile there are new opportunities on the horizon.  There is a new national programme in development which is earn as you learn in paid employment but with no qualifications attached.  Project Moturoa lends itself nicely as a pathway into the new programme.


The collaborative landscapes projects in Te Tauihu will provide a range of new paid employment – this is a great time to prepare for these new jobs by achieving a relevant level 4 qualification in 2020.


Please feel free to reply to this email with any patai.  Your key contacts are:

  • Pene Gieger – Project Moturoa Coordinator phone 0223119458
  • Matt Hippolite – Department of Conservation Partnerships
  • Sharlene Maniapoto – Whenua Kura
  • Monique Day – NMIT
  • Ronnie Gibson – secretariat Environmental Pou

Posted on 15 November, 2019

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

The government in June stated that there was no action plan on reducing numbers or creating a target of reduction. We are still on the rise. Please we come together on this and sign my petition to help make the change we so desperately need. 


Mental Health First Aid has been around for 10 years yet it is not widely known or utilized.  How it works is below


1) It teaches people how to notice if someone might becoming mental unwell


2) How to have that korero with them confidently to ask if they're thinking of suicide


3) What steps then to make them safe


4) Where to next to see help 


5) How to support that person 


We need to teach this to everyone now so it becomes second nature to the next generation. This is not a fix but a piece of the koru to new beginnings and new ways. Any step forward on this is a step in the right direction. 




Chad Heberley  


Posted on 11 July, 2019

Pēpi Hou Tohu Whānaungatanga – (Newborn baby birth-certificate reimbursement)

Pēpi Hou Tohu Whānaungatanga – (Newborn baby birth-certificate reimbursement)

Taonga Kāmehameha


Pēpi Hou Tohu Whānaungatanga – (Newborn baby birth-certificate reimbursement)


At the recent Trustee Board Hui, held in June 2019, it was agreed by the Trustees that all newborn pēpi born after 1st July 2019 will be eligible for a reimbursement for the purchase of a Standard Birth Certificate, currently at cost of $33.


To be eligible for this the parents or legal guardians of the child must be a registered member of Te Ātiawa o Te Waka-a-Māui Trust and provide a receipt of purchase and Birth Certificate.



A great way to also register your pēpi. If you require more information, please contact the Office on 0800 284 292