Published: 6 March, 2019

Nelson City Council


Due to the continuing dry conditions, Nelson City Council has now moved to stage three water restrictions in all urban areas.

Stage three restrictions place a total ban on the use of sprinklers and hoses, but hand watering with buckets and watering cans is still allowed.

As part of the stage three restrictions, Council is taking down the hanging baskets in the inner city and the watering of sports fields will cease (except for high value areas that will be too expensive to replace such as Trafalgar Park and Saxton Oval). Council will be hand watering some gardens and high value heritage trees. We have also reduced our water network flushing programme by 50 percent. The remaining flushing ensures that the water network meets the required level of drinking water standards. Steps are being taken to collect this flushed water for reuse in public spaces.

With no significant rainfall forecast, we ask all residents to comply with these water restrictions in order to protect the water supply for essential use in the longer term. Any further reductions that residents can make on a voluntary basis will be a great help.


Businesses are not included in the current restrictions but are urged to make any water savings they can on a voluntary basis.


For tips on water conservation for your home or property go to the Council’s website


Nelson City Council properties on Tasman District Supply

For the properties near Richmond that are supplied with water from Tasman District Council, please be aware that their water restrictions apply.  Currently they are at Stage Four restrictions, but residents can stay updated with any changes on their website.


This applies to all residential properties adjacent to Champion Road as follows:

  • Boysenberry Way
  • Champion Road
  • Childs Way
  • Daelyn Drive
  • Fullford Drive
  • Hill Street North
  • Iti Lane
  • John Sutton Place
  • Joyce Place
  • Kakano Lane
  • Kapurangi Avenue
  • Kingi Place
  • Mako Street
  • Marino Grove
  • Marionberry Lane
  • Ngati Rarua Street
  • Taranaki Place
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