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Published: 7 February, 2020

Marine Life Move - call for people to get involved

Marine Life Move - call for people to get involved

MARINE LIFE MOVE – 1st of March 2020

The idea is to move marine life from the construction site in Waikawa Bay to a safe place nearby. This is being done under the guidance of marine scientists to ensure the marine life is placed in a suitable location that will not result in any adverse effects on the receiving environment.

Who / what is required:        boats, scuba divers, someone to walk the coast line, snorkelers, sorters of marine life on a boat, families, friends or school groups.

Dive equipment will be provided free to those helping. Life jackets may be required.


See the Waikawa Dive Centre Facebook Page for further details:

or take a look at the press release:

Divers to move marine life before Waikawa marina expansion

Published: 7 February, 2020


 Dear Whom this may concern,

Vector Free Marlborough Limited (VFML) wishes to advise landowners and other interested parties of its intention to aerially apply the toxin Sodium Fluoroacetate (1080) for the purpose of controlling rats and stoats in the Wangapeka – Owen treatment area between 10 February and 30 April 2020. 
The Wangapeka – Owen operation is part of the wider Kahurangi project which commenced in May 2019.  Operations in the Cobb, Heaphy – Gunner and Oparara – Grange blocks elsewhere in Kahurangi were completed during 2019.
The Kahurangi project is being carried out by VFML on behalf of the Department of Conservation (DOC) to protect vulnerable native species from introduced predators following a heavy mast (seeding) event in forests. 
Description of Area
The Wangapeka – Owen permission takes in approximately 93,697 hectares and includes public land managed by the Department of Conservation as well as several small areas of legal road.
Boundaries extend from Garibaldi Range in the north, to the top of the Owen Valley in the south.  The western boundary is loosely defined by the Fenian Range, Stormy Ridge, Scarlett Range, Radiant Range, Allen Range, Matiri Range and Bald Knob Ridge.  To the east, the boundary follows parts of the Lookout and Arthur ranges before joining the northern boundary in the Leslie River catchment.  The area takes in the catchment of many waterways, with the most notable being the Karamea, Little Wanganui, Owen and Wangapeka rivers.  Note, some areas may not receive control.
Maps are available from the VFML website, the DOC website ( and may also be viewed by appointment at DOC offices in Motueka, St Arnaud, Takaka and Westport during business hours from Monday to Friday.
Public Access & Recreational Facilities
Public access to the treatment area is provided by the Wangapeka River Road, as well as a large number of back-country tracks and associated facilities managed by DOC.
Affected roads and tracks in the various blocks will be closed to public access whilst aerial the application of toxic bait takes place, and afterwards until field staff have inspected for and removed most toxic baits.  Roads and tracks will be open during non-toxic prefeed application, but access restrictions may be in place for short periods of time.  Huts and other back-country accommodation will generally be excluded from bait application during the application of toxic bait to each block, although a number of very low-use sites may be over-sown subject to occupancy and consent conditions, in which case VFML field operatives will be onsite to inspect for and recover toxic baits from open areas afterward. 
Affected DOC managed accommodation facilities such as huts and shelters in the treatment area will be provided with alternative drinking water supplies in accordance with Public Health Permit conditions while the application of toxic bait is carried out. 
Warning signage and access barriers will be in place at all track entrances whilst the application of toxic bait takes place, and DOC and/or VFML representatives may be stationed at a number of key sites to control access and provide information to visitors.  Advisory signage will be installed at key sites prior to non-toxic prefeed application.
Commencement Date
The Wangapeka – Owen operation is scheduled to commence from 10/02/20, beginning with the aerial application of non-toxic cereal pre-feed pellets and followed five or more days later by the aerial application of cereal pellets containing 1080. 
All work is weather dependent and people intending to visit the affected area before 30/04/20 are advised to check the VFML website for the status of the operation and/or seek up-to-date information from the DOC website and local DOC offices.
Bait Description
Pre-feed: Non-toxic cereal based pellet, approximately 20mm long, cinnamon-lured and non-dyed (light brown / fawn in colour).
Toxic bait: Cereal based pellet, approximately 20mm long, cinnamon-lured and dyed green with a toxic loading of 0.15% Sodium fluoroacetate (1080).
All bait will be applied using helicopters equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware to ensure accurate placement and adherence to consent conditions.
This pesticide is poisonous to human and domestic animals.  The public are reminded of the danger that toxic baits and possum carcasses pose, particularly to children and dogs.
Children should be kept under strict supervision in the treatment area.  Dogs should be kept under strict control at all times and not have access to, or be taken into the treatment area as they are particularly susceptible to accidental poisoning through contact with 1080 bait and poisoned carcasses.  The risks of poison carcasses to dogs may extend downstream of the control area.
Game animals should not be sold or taken for eating from within or adjacent to this area until it is declared clear of pesticides.
Warning signs will be erected at all main public entry points and the public are reminded that it is an offence to remove any of these signs.  Warning signage will remain in place until monitoring indicates that bait and carcasses no longer contain pesticide residues.  Observe the following precautions whenever you see toxin warning signs present:

  • DO NOT touch bait
  • WATCH CHILDREN at all times
  • DO NOT EAT animals from this area
  • DEADLY TO DOGS, do not allow dogs access to animal carcasses

**If you suspect poisoning
Contact your local hospital, or dial 111
National Poisons Centre 0800 POISON – 0800 764 766
In the case of a domestic animal being poisoned, contact a local veterinarian.
 For further information please contact the Kahurangi Operation Controller:
Vector Free Marlborough Limited
Private Bag 1007, Blenheim 7240
Free phone:  0508 548 008
Vector Free Marlborough Limited (VFML) is proud to work alongside the Department of Conservation to deliver the 2019/20 Kahurangi project.  To learn more about VFML’ s work please visit our website.



Copyright © 2019 Vector Free Marlborough Limited, All rights reserved.

Published: 7 February, 2020

Māori Education

Kia ora


The Māori Education Trust 2020 Scholarship Programme is open and offers scholarships to Māori secondary school and tertiary students who meet the respective scholarship’s criteria. 


The 2020 Secondary Scholarship Programme is made up of the following scholarships:



Year 9

  • Tī Maru Māori Trust Secondary Boarding Scholarship
  • Rose Hellaby Scholarship
  • Māori Education Trust Year 9 Scholarship



Year 10 – 11

  • Māori Education Trust Year 10 and 11 Scholarship



Year 9 – 13

  • Sister Anne Henry Scholarship
  • Edward Carlton Holmes Memorial Scholarship
  • Māori Education Trust Boarding Scholarship



Year 12 – 13

  • RJ Graham Scholarship
  • Māori Education Trust Year 12 and 13 Scholarship



Year 13

  • VW & LM Rosier Scholarship
  • Regina Rudland Memorial Scholarship



Applicants can download an application form from our site, or contact us and we will forward copies by email or post.


If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 04 586 7971, text: 027 262 8046, or email:

Māori Education 2020 Secondary Flyer v2 - (213 KB Adobe Acrobat PDF file) »

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