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Arapaoa Matariki Tū Rākau Celebration

Jul. 15 — 17, 2021 00:00 — 00:00

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The hapu whanau descendants of WHAWHAI RIHARI TAHUAROA and ROKA PAWAU TAHUAROA aligned members to the WHANAU CLAIM WAI 124 have initiated the above PROJECT to be implemented during the above celebrations JULY 2021.The project evolves around the planting of 3000 NATIVE RAKAU on the Sounds Foreshore Reserves at RUAPARA and UMUKURI at the upoko of EAST BAY on ARAPAOA MOTU.

It being the desire of the hapu whanau to assist with the regeneration of the NATIVE SPECIES of rākau, the environmental assistance to encourage the native manu and to assist with the retention of the coast line deterioration. It is a further desire that additional NATIVE species which contain the medicinal values of our TRADITIONAL practices will be also planted for exploitation purposes for generations of the future.

There exists on a lot of the S.F.R. wāhi tapu. Sites of significance which over the years past have become exposed to the elements, with exposures of TAONGA being so presented, assisted protection is necessary.

This initiative is a GOVERNMENT assisted project DELIVERED thru the MINISTRY OF PRIMARY INDUSTRIES cooperation by the DEPARTMENT of CONSERVATION.

DESIGNATION MEMORIAL PLAQUES will be provided which will be indicative by way of STATEMENT being relative to the HEKE of our TUPUNA arriving here and the subsequent settling of. Both TWO planting sites will have MEMORIAL PLAQUES erected.

The PLANTING process will involve THREE DAY trips and return to WAIKAWA during the planting week which shall be from THURSDAY 15th July to SATURDAY 17th July 2021 inclusive. Travel will be by WAKA the good ship TUTANEKAI.

We extend an INVITATION to ALL whom may have an interest in the ENVIRONENTAL welfare of our ROHE and can contribute manually OR in terms OF OTHER tautoko to COME ON BOARD. Other entities will be involved manually supporting this initiative in one way or another. We need to have our TAMARIKI involved and we look forward to student’s participation.

TIKANGA whakaaro korero will form part of the ON BOARD travel time to and from, TOHUNGA delivering the CONTENT of such accompanied by WAIATA and harmony.

KAI WILL BE PROVIDED but   bring a SPADE please, no TRAVEL COSTS but BOOKING is REQUIRED the placing of RESERVATIONS per waka sailing shall be at the discretion of our ADMINISTRATION

For those travelling from AFAR accommodation will require early attention, convenience LOCATIONS are PICTON or WAIKAWA.



EMAIL.       nev.ruapara2018@gmail.com - leaveaweenote@gmail.com