Current RM Issues in Te Tau Ihu

Te Tau Ihu is a significant portion of Te Waipounamu.

The area contains: three separate unitary authorities; two regional authorities; three district authorities; and two Department of Conservation conservancies. Within the jurisdiction of these decision-making bodies there are constant issues and concerns for Te Atiawa. See below for a brief description of current issues.

As of June 2017:


MEP further submissions – Further submissions on the Proposed Marlborough Environment (MEP) Plan have been lodged with the Marlborough District Council. Hearings are set down for the end of the year. It is likely that the hearing process will be protracted and it will be well into the new year before the Proposed MEP advances. The RM office has opposed those submissions which seek to diminish cultural and iwi recognition.

Resource Consents – The RM Office has been receiving a steady line of applications for developments within the totaranui rohe and pre-lodgement (with MDC) engagement is open and largely successful. MDC is informing applicants to consult with Te Atiawa for any and all applications in our rohe. This affords Te Atiawa the opportunity to discuss and resolve issues before any formal process is instigated.

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CMS – The RM Office has been working closely with the Deparment of Conservation (DOC) on pest management work and concession applications. DOC has indicated that a review of the Conservation Management Strategy for Nelson/Marlborough conservancy will be started at the end of the year. This will be a substantial piece of planning work which will determine how the Ministry will deal with issues (and principally iwi) for the next 15 to 20 years.

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Tiakina te Taiao has indicated that the Whakatū rohe is steady with resource consent applications and developments. National statistics indicate that this area is one of the fastest growing areas in the country which places pressure on resources and cultural values.

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Regional Council RPS & Plan Review – The Nelson City Council continues to review its’ Regional Policy Statement and their Resource Management Plan. The RM Office (through Tiakina te Taiao) is continuing to put forward the issues of concern to Te Atiawa so that the new planningdocuments better reflect and provide for cultural values and protection.

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Manawhenua Ki Mohua advise that mining applications are consuming a great deal of their time and there is considerable pressure to explore for gold in some of our more significant areas. The RM Office is support MKM through the ministerial approval processes and resource consent processes to ensure that our values are protected.


Regional Council Plan Review – The Tasman District Council is undertaking several Plan Changes to their operative Resource Management Plan. The RM Office (through Manawhenua ki Mohua) is continuing to put forward the issues of concern to Te Atiawa so that the new plan provisions provide greater engagement with Te Atiawa and protect those resources which are significant to our iwi.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the matters discussed above, please email the RM Office at the contacts below.

These matters are updated on a monthly basis.

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