Published: 30 January, 2019

Creative New Zealand

Do your young people have stories to share, artworks to create or are they arts leaders in the making?

If you need support to help young New Zealanders (aged 10 to 25) attend, participate in or lead arts projects, we might be able to help.


We’ve recently launched three new funds to help more young New Zealanders benefit from greater involvement in the arts. In the first year of the five-year initiative, $500,000 will be available across these funds.


We are open to applications from a broad range of New Zealand-based individuals and organisations that have an arts focus, including schools, libraries, marae and youth development organisations.


It’s late in the year, but we’d appreciate you sharing these new arts initiatives within your networks. The proposed projects need to be completed with 12 months of us offering the grant.


“We want more of our rangatahi to have the opportunity to explore their creative potential. These dedicated funds will help to generate more opportunities and also support young people to shape and create the arts experiences that appeal to them,” said Creative New Zealand’s Senior Manager, Arts Development Services, Cath Cardiff.


“We want more young people to enjoy the benefits that come from engaging with the arts; including increased confidence, a sense of inclusion and well-being as well as supporting initiatives that develop artists and audiences of the future.”


Creative New Zealand developed these funds in response to the findings of our recent research (refer below), which identified opportunities for increased engagement in the arts by, with and for young people. They are additional to the funding we already offer.


Our new Toi Rangatahi fund

The three new funds have the following distinct approaches:

•             Toi Rangatahi Participation Fund – supports artists/organisations to provide opportunities for young people aged 10-14 to participate in high-quality arts activities. Grants up to $65,000 are available.


•             Toi Rangatahi Engagement Fund – supports established organisations that want to provide opportunities for people aged 15-25 to engage in high-quality arts experiences. Grants up to $65,000 are available.


•             Toi Rangatahi Leadership Fund – supports young people aged 15-25 to lead high quality arts projects by, with and for other young people. Grants up to $10,000 are available.

The deadline for applications to the funds is 1 March 2019. There will be a second round for the Toi Rangatahi Leadership Fund only, available on 26 July 2019.


To check your eligibility and see what’s funded refer first to our website. If you have any additional questions or would like to discuss your project’s suitability contact us on:

•             phone 0800 273 284


•             email


Our office is closed from 24 December until 6 January, so we’ll respond to any messages from 7 January 2019.


What the research say

New Zealanders and the arts research published by Creative New Zealand in May found that while young New Zealanders (10 – 14 years old) participating in the arts felt more confident and good about life, there was a decline in enjoyment as they entered their teenage years.


The research also found that 20% of young people (10-14 years old) wanted more access to the arts and would be more involved if it was cheaper to attend or participate, if their friends went and if there were more arts activities that appealed near where they lived.


The research also found that young adults (15-24 years old) were less positive about the arts in general than other adult New Zealanders.  More than 60% agreed they would attend arts events if there were more events that were relevant to them.


More information on how New Zealanders engage with the arts including regional reports and interactive dashboards






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